Gap Analysis

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Why is it so unconnected? I mean, all the internet space is filled with JOBS for Jobseekers, but before you reach that position, you are a student and every professional degree course (atleast 95% courses, I believe) requires you to complete an industrial internship in pre-final or final year of your course. Still I don’t see much options to explore in this space.

It’s been almost 7 years since I moved from college to Industry and believe me, every year since then, I personally receive at least 2 to 4 requests from relatives, friends or colleagues to look for some internship options for some of their known aspiring Interns. And this is when my industry exposure is mostly confined to Engineering sector only. If we count management, arts, medical, law, commerce and several other streams, our education system every year produces thousands of thousand aspiring Intern-seekers alongside the job seekers. Then why there is still a wide gap between options and seekers?

In my search for answer, I recently came across a much appreciable and remarkable help by the name of After looking at it, I felt it as a very genuine step towards  the answer of my question. They have covered a wide range of streams and options for the Intern-seekers, belonging to different streams of education, and also have kept the website very well upgraded and maintained.

But this is only one good option, I could find. Don’t you think we need more?